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27. May. 2015
Engine Service Warranty Announcement

Power's Performance would like to announce that as of 23rd April 2015 in order to not invalidate a Power's Performance engine warranty, service work performed on a Power's Performance rebuilt or upgraded warrantied engine must be carried out by an approved Power's Performance engine service agent. Any work carried out on a Power's Performance warrantied engine by an unauthorised engine service agent will immediately invalidate any remaining Power's Performance engine warranty.

The reason for this is that only Power's Performance quality approved parts may be used in the servicing of Power's Performance rebuilt and upgraded warrantied engines, as this helps to guarantee the life, performance and integrity of the engine. Parts supplied from any other source are not approved by Power's Performance. Unfortunately as members of the TVR Parts Network are no longer able to purchase parts from Power's Performance and subsequently no longer able to use Power's Performance approved parts in their engine servicing work, it necessarily follows that members of the TVR Parts Network are not approved to carry out Power's Performance warrantied engine service work.

For an up to date list of approved Power's Performance engine service agents, call Dom at Power's Performance on 024 7636 6177 or email

12. Jan. 2015
Powers Performance 2014 Group Buy


£8400 INC VAT


21. Jan. 2013
200,000 Mile T350t

Breaking News: Dominic Sutcliff is about to book his Cascade Copper T350T 3.6 Red Rose in for another service!

Now that wouldn’t ordinarily be breaking news, only on this occasion it is, as Dominic is about to become the first Speed 6 owner to book his car in for a 200,000 mile service.
With new TVRs no longer available, Dominic decided to keep his T350T as his daily drive and had his engine rebuilt at TVR Power at 60,000 miles to ensure the reliability of the engine and to make sure, as his daily driver, he would reliably be able to get to and from work.

In the July 2011 edition of Sprint we reported that Dominic, as intended, had continued to use his T350T as his daily drive and had just collected the car back from Power’s Performance after its 160,000 mile service with nothing out of the ordinary to report. So we are now delighted to announce that, with the car still ultra-reliable and with the engine running perfectly, Dominic is about to book his car in again, but this time for its 200,000 mile service.

Dom Trickett of Powers Performance comments “Dominic previously stated that he wants his car to be the first 250,000 mile T350T and he is well on the way to achieving that. His engine is still running the original castings, crank, rods and pistons and has plenty of miles left in her yet, so 250,000 reliable Speed 6 miles for Dominic is certainly not out of the question. “Indeed with no new TVRs on the market and no realistic prospect on the horizon either, a Power’s Performance engine rebuild is probably the most sensible way of ensuring the longevity and reliability of your TVR ownership. And what about that Power’s Performance engine rebuild guarantee?

Dom continues “All our engine rebuilds, whether they are Rover V8, AJP V8 or Speed 6 come with our 3 year unlimited mileage warranty, with the option of increasing this to 5 years or 100,000 miles. From what I understand, I believe we are the only company in the world to offer this fantastic warranty package. Powers Performance can offer these warranties because we are confident in the quality of the units, in the quality of our engineering skills, in the quality of our workmanship and in the components we supply. All this culminates in our being able to provide with confidence our optional 100,000 mile warranty on all Power’s engine rebuilds. And Dominic’s T350T is testament to that.”

At this rate Dominic’s T350T should be approaching the quarter of a million mile mark towards the end of next year, so keep an eye out in Sprint for a full report on the performance  of the Speed 6 unit and for the full story and analysis of this ground-breaking, or should we say tarmac eating TVR.

For more information on Powers Performance engine rebuild packages and their optional 100,000 mile engine warranty, call Dom on 024 7636 6177 or email him on

04. Sep. 2012
Press Release: The Ultimate Tvr Hybrid

With a comprehensive Rover V8 offering sat along side an equally impressive Speed 6 offering, there was always going to be an amount of cross-pollination. Reminiscent of the original Speed 6 Factory prototype which is unfortunately no longer in existence, is Power’s latest development and another first; a 4.3 litre Speed 6 Chimaera.

From the outside the car looks no different. Under the bonnet the Chimaera engine graft, which is incredibly neat and tidy, features a Powers Performance 4.3 litre Speed 6 engine which is complimented by a Power MBE mapping system. With no external body modifications having had to be performed to accommodate the unit, the car looks completely standard but roars like a lion. It really is an impressive looking and sounding piece of kit.

With the Speed 6 unit being slightly heavier than the Rover V8,to improve balance Power has located the transplant engine three inches further back in the chassis,with acceleration and deceleration calculations confirming a very well-balanced car. The Chimaera istherefore able to run on its original Factory specification Bilstein valved dampers and maintain its original ride height. Due to hit the road this month,the Powers Performance Speed 6 transplant is a look at what TVR had intended to do before it was eventually decided to put the new Speed 6 engine in the new model Tuscan. It may not be one for the purists,but if you want to keep your Chimaera for the long-term, but like the look of a Speed 6 engine,well now you can have your cake and eat it.Now available as an offering for the open market from this month, the Powers Performance Speed 6 transplant is available as a 4.0 Red Rose, 4.3 or 4.5 litre and comes complete with a five year unlimited mileage warranty.

And isn’t it good to know that with no current TVR production and no rumours of any good newsin the pipeline,Powers Performance is continuing to invest in TVR developments, improving reliability,giving us a choice and making our cars go just that little bit quicker.

To find outmore about our portfolio of upgrade packages, you can call the us on 
024 7636 6177 or email Dom on


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